cosmopolitan dogtrot's debut album inside pockets is ready!  

next concert in berlin: 23.11 at 21h in zimmer 16.


inside pockets

11Songs / 58:45min /Jewel Case

Plattenfirma/ record label: Silberblick-Musik,Berlin

Vertrieb/ Distribution:Broken Silence, Hamburg

Produziert von/ Produced by: Marco Ponce Kärgel & Andreas Albrecht

Heini Nukari (Stimme/ voice), Marco Ponce Kärgel (Gitarren/ guitars)

Gäste/ Guests: Andreas Albrecht (Flaschen Breakfast Song), Peter Hofmann (Mundharmonika Favorite Spots), Tanja Klauck (Pandeiro Dog Eared Bookstore)


starting from 22. june you can buy our CD here!

Um unsere CD "Inside Pockets" zu bestellen, schickt uns eine E-Mail mit Eurer Lieferadresse. Ihr erhaltet dann eine Bestätigungs-Mail und unsere Bankverbindung. Nach Eingang der Zahlung erfolgt sofort der Versand. Die CD kostet 13,00€ + Versand 2,00 €.                            Danke & viel Spaß beim Anhören!

If you want to order our CD "Inside Pockets", please send us an e-mail with your postal address. You will receive a confirmation mail with our bank account information. As soon as your payment has arrived, we will send you your copy. The CD costs 13,00€ + shipping costs. (2,00€ inside Germany, 3- 5,00€ international)                                              Thank you and enjoy our music!

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"i breath into my tea leaves. the wind of my breath moves the green particles in the cup. i see pines and bamboo forests. i see hills, valleys and coastlines meeting the sea. i see wild boars, foxes and hares; white wolves crossing the continents on their way to somewhere. i see giants birds flying across seven seas and landing on islands where tender snakes are hypnotising each other." (double time)

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